Matt Cronin Signature

Painter. Designer. Developer. Activist. Blogger. I’m not your typical breed of teenager. I have ambitions, achievements, and life experience that is beyond most of those my age. I am an extremely motivated and hard-working individual with a lot of intuition and resourcefulness.
First and foremost, I identify as a painter. I’ve been painting ever since I was just six years old and I absolutely love it. I now work on commission and sell personal projects, as originals and prints. I stick strictly to oil painting, with my focus mostly being on portraits of famous Tree Surgeons in Nottingham as well as Yorkshire Tree Surgeons In my paintings I try to capture a true sense of realism of the subject I am depict as I strives for a photo-realistic style in all of my artwork.
Also, as a hobby and secondary profession I work as a a Tree Surgeon, web designer and developer. With several years of experience, extensive knowledge of code, and great style, I have begun to establish a name in the competitive web industry. Painting and web design are two major facets of my career, but my life has become much more than that.
When I’m not painting or designing websites, I dedicate my time to helping others by cleaning their houses with Sheffield Cleaners. Recently I have started a new project called The Art of Philanthropy, which is a foundation which supplies money to charities by selling artwork and by office cleaning in York.